Our H.R. Policy

Consistent with our Mission, Values and Operating Principles, Shivalik provides a work environment that values and respects the dignity of people demonstrated through the continual development of the person - spiritually, physically, emotionally and intellectually.

We are committed to hiring, developing and retaining the most talented people and in order to achieve a committed pool of talent. We:

  • Source right talent at the right time at the right cost, contributing to the achievement of the mission of company
  • Treat all employees with dignity, honesty and respect
  • Build Shivalik's reputation as one of the Best place to work by maintaining quality of work life
  • Provide adequate and specific help to aid employees to perform satisfactorily. This means providing proper direction, arranging for training, supplying the necessary resources, maintaining a safe working environment, and removing unnecessary barriers to performance
  • Inspire and nurture talent by ensuring that Improve the skills of managers and supervisors in handling interpersonal relations
  • Promote the easy flow of communication in all directions, and emphasize timely and appropriate response by all levels of management
  • Build an ethical climate in the organization characterized by transparency in organizational processes and encouraging socially responsible behavior
  • Avoid creating employee expectations, which are at variance with reality, and thereby avoid causing morale problems
  • Act and communicate with consistency, fairness, and careful attention to detail in all employee matters.
  • Enhance organizational effectiveness by promoting teamwork between groups and work units

Shivalik is constantly seeking talented and team-oriented colleagues to join our company. Throughout our organization, we provide career advancement and leadership opportunities that allow intelligent and highly motivated individuals to succeed.

Should you be interested in any opportunities at Shivalik, please direct your resume to